Readers and advertisers have moved online. Local journalism can do the same.

Why Publish Online?

Grow Readership

Traditional media is moving to digital alternatives to meet your audience online.

Grow Revenue

Online publication expands your reach and advertising opportunities.

Build Community

Communities are being built on social networks. Bring your journalism to the web and connect your community online.

What does MontiMedia Provide?

Web Design + Hosting

Get a sleek website to be home of all your digital content. I build and manage the website, software updates, and web hosting.

Online Archive

Provide your readers a convenient place to download past editions of your paper. I provide an online storage solution for you to upload past editions in PDF format.

Digital Edition

All sites include access to a PDF flipbook feature that lets your viewers browse the print version on your paper from their computer or smartphone.

Personal Assistance

Adopting new technology is difficult. I provide upfront training and step-by-step documentation to get you comfortable publishing content online.

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